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Wideye i-SAVI

Turn your Smartphone into Satellite Phone!

Wideye i-SAVI is a new and low cost portable terminal that work with prepaid BGAN worldwide service and is ideal for voice calls, texting, internet access in remote locations or when out of cellular coverage.

It has data speeds of up to 380 kbps and is accessed wirelessly via an IOS or Android app on a Smartphone or Tablet. This allows users to make use of their contact lists for quick calling. It also has built in admin controls so that usage levels/alerts can be set to manage costs.

It is extremely portable and is quick to point, thanks to the inbuilt multi-coloured pointing LED’s.  The I-SAVI offer great value for those who needs broadband and mobilty in remote locations.

Thuraya Satsleeve Hotspot

Your smartphone works like a Satellite phone

The Thuraya Satsleeve Hotpot was created for customers who prefer to use their smartphone separated from the satellite unit. With the Satsleeve Hotspot can be placed in an outside location and connected to the Thuraya service, you can stay indoor within its wifi range, to make calls, use email or send messages, and even to enjoy your favourite social media apps.

The Thuraya Satsleeve Hotspot comes with a stand and is compatible with most IOS and Android smartphones.

The Satsleeve Hotspot is supported by Thuraya GMPRS service which has maximum d/l speed of 60kbps and u/l of 15 kbps.

Iridium Extreme 9575

Tough Phone for Tough Jobs!

Iridium Extreme is the first satellite phone to offer the fully integrated services of customizable GPS, Online Tracking and Emergency SOS with Notification. More than a phone, it is a reliable mobile tracking device with truly global coverage.

Built with a programmable, GPS-enabled one-touch SOS button. Iridium will alert your programmed contact of your location and will help create a two-way connection to assist in the response

Isatphone 2 from Inmarsat

Freedom, Security and Peace of Mind

Worldwide Coverage on land and sea (except North & South Poles) with Emergency Alert, Tracking & GPS
Great phone with high voice quality and reliable services that you can depend on. Very well made with good solid feel. It is water resistant, shock resistant and dust proof. With very good battery life, the Isatphone 2 offer excellent value! 

Thuraya XT Pro

Designed for the Professional Users

The Thuraya XT Pro is designed for professional users. This rugged and robust satellite phone is equipped with long battery life to ensure that you stay connected wherever you are within its coverage.

It is the first satellite phone that features all three major navigation systems – GPS, Beidou & Glonass. It also has the biggest display with hardened Gorilla ®glass to suit the harshest of environments.

Thuraya XT Lite

Designed for Cost Conscious Users

Designed for the cost-conscious users, this reliable satellite phone offers clear and uninterrupted connection.

An easy to use satellite phone, users can make phone calls and send SMS. It is Thuraya most economical version offering theuser basic and reliable satellite phone service.

Iridium 9555

Trusted, Rugged and Sleek

Compact, light and easy to use but with industrial ruggedness - and it is connected to the only truly global mobile communication network. Global coverage including North & South Poles, the advantage of the 66 LEO satellites architecture.

Iridium Prepaid Simcard and Plans available

Prepaid Satellite Phone Simcards

We always offer a Better Deal 

We sell prepaid simcard and airtimes services worldwide (in US$)

If you already have a satellite phone but is looking for simcard and airtime service that offer better rates, we can help you.

Remember to choose the correct simcard. For example, if you are using an Iridium Satellite Phone then you must select an Iridium Prepaid Sim service. The same goes for Inmarsat and Thuraya

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