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Simcards & Prepaid Airtimes for Satellite Phones - Buy it here!


We sell prepaid simcard and airtimes services worldwide (in US$)

If you already have a satellite phone but is looking for simcard and airtime service that offer better rates, we can help you.

Remember to choose the correct simcard. For example, if you are using an Iridium Satellite Phone then you must select a Iridium Prepaid Sim service. The same goes for Inmarsat and Thuraya
Further we can only recharge to simcards that were issued by us in accordance to the rules of Inmarsat and Iridium.  For thuraya prepaid airtimes, we can sell to all with no restrictions.

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Our prepaid Inmarsat vouchers provide the ideal solution regardless of if you're working on short term or seasonal or long term perojects, You'll get great rates with no contracts, no activation fees and no monthly bills. These airtimes can be used on Inmarsat satellite phone worldwide coverage (except for North & South Poles).  Further, the Inmarsat GSPS Prepaid Simcard itself will never expire.  If the airtime credit or validity in the simcard has expired, just add new airtimes to the simcard and it will work again.

Prepaid Simcard + 100 units with 90 days validity.

Prepaid Simcard + 250 units with 180 days validity 

Prepaid Simcrd + 500 units with 12 months validity 

Prepaid Simcard Only with Activation & 2 units free airtime

Inmarsat Call Rate to Landline & Cellular is currently at 1.5 units for every minute of call time.

This mean that a 100 units voucher will allow for approx 66.66 minutes of calling to Landline or Cellular. Text messages are charged at 0.5 units, this works out to be 200 text messages. Or any combination of this..

Add Additional Prepaid Airtime:
You can add additional airtime to your SIM Card by calling us on +6012 3773009 (also works on whatsapp & SMS) or email us at (Boon)


Prepaid BGAN is available worldside, with the exception of the extreme polar regions, providing connectivity wherever your business or operations take you. 

BGAN services are delivered via the Inmarsat-4 network, with 99.9 per cent satellite and ground network availability 

BGAN meets military and government requirements for security and supports all major VPN products and encryption standards. 

A single BGAN terminal provides simultaneous voice and broadband data up to 492kbps, enabling you to access the internet or send email, and talk on the phone at the same time. 

Supporting the latest IP services, as well as traditional circuit-switched voice and data, BGAN integrates seamlessly with corporate networks and legacy applications. 

No technical expertise or training is needed to set up and use BGAN. All terminals are plug and play, so you are ready to go online within minutes.



Basic Data Service, per MB

(Web browsing, VPN, email, FTP, etc.)  

Standard IP - Global Prepaid 9.1 units


BGAN Voice Calls, per minute  

To fixed/landline phones 1.0 units
To Mobile (cellular) phones 1.2 units
To BGAN/FBB/SBB/IsatPhone Pro	0.76 units
To Voicemail 1.0 units


Text Messaging (SMS)  

Outgoing, each 0.5 units
Incoming	FREE


BGAN Prepaid SIM Card 

No activation charge

• No monthly access fees

  Units         Validity     Voucher Cost  

  50         90 days       on request
  500      180 days      on request
  1000    365 days      on request
  2500   365 days      on request
  5000   365 days      on request



Thuraya Prepay NOVA airtime plan features highly cost effective calling rates from select group of countries in Europe, Africa and Asia.

To view the list of eligible countries for the NOVA plan. With Thuraya Prepay NOVA, you can purchase airtime credits in advance and use the credit when you want. Your Thuraya Prepay NOVA account can be refilled at any timeolid color intro with an image on the right side. Also this block has no paddings.

Thuraya NOVA Prepaid Simcard includes: initial 20 units credit.(or US$20)

Account Validity: Initial account validity is 2 year effective first call. S

SIM card is cancelled if the first call is not made within 6 months from the date of activation.

Auto Renewal Fee: Renewal fee is 15 units or US$15 as airtime credit at time of expiry of 2 years validity.

Grace Period: Subscriber is given 90 days grace period after SIM expiry date to renew the account. During grace period, incoming calls are possible. If subscriber fails to renew the account within the grace period, account will be deactivated.ake your own website.

Thuraya NOVA Prepaid Simcard with 2 years' validity & US$20 airtime credit with activation.

Additonal prepaid airtimes can be purchased to add to the simcard.

We sell additional prepaid airtimes in multiples of 50 units .  No restrictions, all Thuraya users are welcome!

Thuraya NOVA Call Rates:

Indicative Call Charge to Another Thuraya Phone number :               o.85 unit
Indicative Call Charge to Fixed Line Number in Band 1 countries     0.90 units
Indicative SMS charge (160 characters/message)                                 0.35 units 
Based on this, a 20 units airtime credit will give 22 minutes of calling time or 57 SMS messages or in any combination of these


Convenient plans that work everywhere on the planet, without long-term contracts or billing hassles.

Iridium Prepaid Call Rates

The minutes in your voucher can be used to call to any landline or mobile phone worldwide.

Features of Irdium  Standard Prepaid Simcard/Airtime

Minimum call charges: Voice calls 20-seconds minimum, 20-second increments thereafter.

Incoming calls and calls to 24/7 support are free of charge. SMS texts consume 6 seconds of talk time on global vouchers, 

Calls made with a Global vouchers to other Iridium satellite phones are discounted by 50%.

Calls to other satellite networks cost considerably more than calling to landlines or mobile phones.

Iridium Prepaid Validity

Maximum validity is 3 years and airtime can only ever be carried forward for a maximum of 3 years, after which it will be forfeited.
If you do not do a recharge before the end of the expiry, the minutes will expire, and you will need to load new minutes to the SIM card in order to use it again.

Iridium SIM cards are permanently disabled 90 days after the lapse of the expiry window, and then you will need to buy a new SIM card in order to use your Iridium phone again.
To check the status of your Iridium Prepaid Simcard, please send a blank text to 2888 (or dial 2888) periodically to know when your current minutes expire, and do a recharge at least 48 hours before the expiry date.

Iridium Prepaid Plans Available:
75 minutes + 30 days validity
200 minutes + 6 months validity
600 minutes + 12 months validity
3000 minutes + 24 months validity
50 units (Airtime Only without any validity)
30 days validity extension (Validity period only,no airtimes)

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