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With the Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot you can turn your Apple or Android smartphone into a fully-fledged satellite phone.

Designed for those who travel frequently yet need to remain connected, the Thuraya SatSleeve Hotspot is perfect for buiness people, adventurers or perhaps NGO workers.

Even if you happen to be in an area with no cellular signal or coverage, you can enjoy access to the Thuraya satellite network with coverage in over two-thirds of the world's landmass.

When connected through Thuraya, you can make calls, send SMS messages and use a variety of Internet enabled apps, including whatsapp or wechat, internet browsing and emailing.

The Thuraya Satsleeve Hotspot is a WiFi hotspot that any phone using the Thuraya app can connect to, within a 30 metre range. This is ideal for those who like to share the Thuraya Satellite Phone service with a few people with smartphones

The Thuraya Satsleeve Hotspot uses the Thuraya GmPRS service which offer a maximum of 60kbps downlink and 15kbps uplink.

Simcard & Airtime options for prepaid service is available.

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